Civil Trials and Appeals in State and Federal Court

Our firm's principal, Paul H. Sweeney, has litigated and tried cases in state and federal court for 42 years, beginning with trying cases for the United States government in federal court, while he was Assistant United States Attorney in the United States Attorney's office in Los Angeles.  Mr. Sweeney's experience also includes appellate litigation, arguing cases before the California Court of Appeal, California Supreme Court, and the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Please see the Attorney Profile page for more information. 

Resolving problems rapidly and cost effectively best serves our clients' interests.  Despite our ability and willingness to litigate, a good attorney keeps his client out of court, if possible.   Resolving disputes with minimal or no litigation minimizes the client's expense, time, energy, and emotional involvement that accompany litigation and trial.  Even informally resolving a problem can be done more creatively and effectively in certain ways than others.  Mr. Sweeney always seeks such solutions.  

If, however, litigation or trial becomes necessary, there is no substitute for careful investigation and preparation.  Failure to do so invites surprises, forcing the unprepared attorney to improvise, frequently with poor results.

A talented and well-prepared attorney will often deliver a closing argument at trial without or rarely consulting a single note.  When an attorney is not only skilled but thoroughly prepared, this mastery of detail becomes unremarkable rather than remarkable.

Such preparation is also necessary and highly effective in appellate litigation. 

Few things impress a panel of appellate judges more than an attorney who without hesitation during oral argument has the answers to the Court's questions regarding the law and the facts. An appellate panel will look to and rely upon the attorney in the case who is best prepared and thus can best assist it.  From that reliance flows the attorney's ability to influence the panel to decide the case in his client's favor. 

Mr. Sweeney limits our firm's caseload, so that every client receives full, prompt attention.  One difference between our firm and others that clients frequently note and comment upon is that we respond to client telephone messages and emails usually immediately or within several hours.  Mr. Sweeney will contact clients seven days a week and well into the night if necessary, the client permitting.  Limiting our caseload allows such careful attention, which also results in the thorough investigation and preparation described, yielding case outcomes accordingly. 

Mr. Sweeney will litigate matters in any legal area that this website describes.  The areas described, however, are only representative.  We also litigate matters not described.  We can also at no charge refer you to another attorney who can handle your matter, if for any reason we cannot.  Please inquire about your matter so that we can speak with you and determine if we can help you.