In closing, I want to take just a moment to sincerely express my appreciation for the professionalism you have exhibited in representing us and to compliment you on your ability to quickly grasp the real estate appraisal issues relating to this case.

During my thirty three years of professional business experience, I have not worked with a more dedicated and professional individual such as you; my sincere thanks.

  K.M. - Executive Vice-President, nationwide real estate appraisal company

Please let me offer my sincere gratitude for your services. Having had to work with many lawyers in the past two years, it was refreshing to speak to a lawyer who had the ability to cut through the BS as well as the humanity to understand that as humans we are not solely guided by our intellect. Also, I was equally pleased by your integrity to save me money by advising me not to pursue matters that as you said may be a "tempest in a teapot."
  D.C. - real estate litigation

After several years seeing you repeatedly resolve my legal matters, I want to write to thank you for the way you've done this. You combine diplomacy, persuasiveness, and toughness based on detailed analysis. I feel protected and have a great deal of confidence with you as my attorney.
  Lillian Glass, Ph.D. - author, television and news commentator, "Your Total Image, Inc."

I want to thank you for the wise and forthright civil and business legal representation you have provided to me, my family, and my patients whom I have referred to you over the years.

You are a rare bird in the legal profession, Mr. Sweeney, because you are a man of honor and loyalty, who looks out for the best interests of his client no matter what.

Your well organized and meticulously documented strategies and plain­spoken advice have led us to prevail in court when we had to litigate, as well as kept me and those I’ve referred to you out of legal battles when appropriate. Thank God for a lawyer like you in a time like this.
  J.R.H., D.C.