Comments from clients illustrate our firm's and Mr. Sweeney's approach:

Please proceed exactly as you proposed.  I am impressed, as I have been with everything you've done. 

As you know, I have been a legal secretary for 22 years with XXXXXXXX [a Top 10 law firm in Los Angeles], and I work for XXXXXXXX, the most senior partner in the firm. Over the years, I have observed the work of attorneys both inside and outside the firm. I hired you to help me, because our firm prohibits its attorneys from doing legal work for members of its staff.

I was instantly impressed by your judgment and analytical skill; however, the longer we have worked together, the more I have seen your great kindness and integrity.

At times, you could have charged me much more. Instead, you explained how I could cut back on legal fees by approaching things from a different perspective. Your work is of the highest order--thorough, skillful, and timely; your ready wit and sense of humor, an absolute joy.

            C.F., Los Angeles